Ios -Android OTG


Ios -Android OTG

Color: Golden
Branding: Laser Engraving

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Customized (Ios -Android OTG) Pen Drive is a beautiful colored flash drive with a divine feeling that it can be the best product for corporate gifting. If you are pursuing a profile-raising product that is both functional and comfortable to carry by your mark audience, try our corporate pen drives that can be gathered up in large numbers for an appropriate price. While you endow them with something they can create use of on a normal basis.

Moreover, you can also make certain that you remain in their sight and thus in their minds. Explore (Ios -Android OTG) with 16 GB, 32 GB memory as per the necessities of the business or clients. Our Pendrives has a small and trendy-looking body.
Pen drives are generally removable, rewritable, and much more diminutive than an optic disc. it is often utilized for data back-up, storage, and transfer of computer files. Our Pen drives are faster, more diminutive, more enduring.

1. High Sturdy strength
2. Permanent storage
3. Easy to connect

FAQ– Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I customize my USB flash drive?
A: SparshMedia has multiple design choices for customized pen drives. After you have decided and selected your design, you can add your name, logo, or your reference information to it. You can even upload your own creation and we will be more than happy to print it on the USB flash drive.

Q: What is the storage capacity of a USB pen drive?
A: SparshMedia helps in providing a custom pen drive. Moreover, you get to choose the storage capacity ranging from 8 GB to 32 Gb. You can hold a significant amount of music, movies, images, and important files with this much storage.

Q: What technology is used to create a printed USB drive?
A: To create a printed USB drive, We use digital technology. This helps in printing the name, logo, photo, or contact details on the USB drive.

Q: What is the size of the printed USB?
A: We at SparshMedia, provide a printed USB that will vary from product to product. For more details, you can check the specifications of the particular product.

Q: With what devices are these pen drives compatible?
A: These pen drives are consistent with any Microsoft as well as the Mac devices. In other words, these pen drives are agreeing and compatible. Moreover, it can be operated with any device which has enabled USB ports.

Q: Do I have to order a minimum quantity?
A: No. There’s no lowest quantity order for our promotional pen drives. But if you compose a larger volume, the discount gains according to the amount of your order.

Q: What material are the USBs made from?
A: Our printed USB flash drives or pen drives are made of top-quality material. However, the exact material may differ from product to product. You can check the specifications of each product for a better picture.

Q: Where can I add my logo to the USB Flash Drive?
A: You can count your logo or painting depending on the type of pendrive you choose. However, it is indeed an perfect idea for holding your company identity visible whenever people use it.