The first impression of any print is decided by its color only. But in some cases, even the lack of colors can be a bold statement. This is the reason you should put your time and think about how you want colors to appear. 

Color system:- There are two “color systems” in stationery printing and having an understanding of both will help you in making a choice. 

If we talk about the cost of printing in the old days, it was of course cheaper  to print stationery in 1 or 2 colors chosen from the Pantone system, but printing in full color was always a more expensive option. If in case you require exact matching, you should discuss the use of a Pantone color with the printer as an option instead.

 Pantone colors:- Pantone colors can be specified in addition to using a 4-color printing. 

It is considered effective to use full color in your design from the outset so you have the option to reproduce photographic imagery or complex blends of color. A Pantone number in mind as a benchmark can be a good starting point. Anyway, later it can be converted into CMYK to make it suitable for 4-color process printing.  Another more cost effective option is maybe to consider the use of digital print to obtain a close Pantone match.

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