Paper will always have utility in this world and no one can deny this. First of all, it’s way easier on the eyes as compared to any other way.

There is no way that technology will be able to mimic the perfect contrast of black ink on white paper. People still enjoy reading and consider it as a valuable source to many consumers.

There is no solution that offers the exact benefits of a sheet of paper. A few of the elements that can’t be replicated are- immediacy, flexibility, convenience, and of course Cost. The problem with online or cloud storage is that you can still lose some of your information in the process if a file format is no longer compatible with the current technology, also if a software application changes or a file format evolves, the same problem can occur.

In some industries, the paperless concept may be more applicable except in the tech space. But across the board, this is not yet a feasible option. For now, PRINTERS are still one of the most efficient vehicles for the transfer of information. For an office printer, that can translate to upwards of 20,000 pages per month.