A letterhead is a piece of marketing tool that has a heading on the top of the document including your company logo, name of your business, and contact information. A company Letterhead even helps in strengthening the brand image of the business. An effectively designed letterhead officiates all the communication and adds credibility to the information that you have provided. No matter what your business is, you need a well-designed letterhead.

Letterhead creates an impression about your company in the minds of the readers. You can certainly not risk your company reputation with a poorly printed letterhead. Consequently, the companies entrust graphic designers and design professionals to create a letterhead design. However, things have changed now. You too can create a professional-looking letterhead without graphic design skills.

Get ready to traverse our collection of company letterhead templates and designs but before that, let’s discuss more regarding the company letterhead designing and printing.

Planning your Letterhead Space and Content

There are a few things that you need to consider before starting to plan your content. Moreover, Make sure to include legal requirements(if any), For example, Company Registration or VAT number. Simple and succinct is the key work that you must do. Use unified colors to display associations or logos (certified) that support your activity, as a result, others will be able to amalgamate into your design layout. Letterhead has to match the theme of the stationery.

Letterhead actually helps you to communicate with confidence. All the company stationery must change to feature the researched and chosen letterhead, which includes changes in all the stationery like envelopes, any purchase orders, and invoices, also the notepads and memo pads.

Choosing Letterhead Paper Stock

Perpetually, you should use a quality paper stock especially if the required material is for any business purpose, to support a presentation or passed during meetings. While creating a great printed piece, paper choice is the most important decision that has to be made. Moreover, impact the final product. In the same vein, it has a significant effect on the price in tremendous quantity. 

Have you ever wondered, What will happen if you use a poor low-grade paper stock? Consequently, it will project colors poorly and create bleed which will further affect the crispness and legibility of the piece.   If you have a double sided letterhead design or have vast areas of color on the back of the letterhead, you will require a heavy paper stock to avoid the problem of “show through”. Not just it, there are many other things to keep in mind before determining the best paper stock for your letterhead.

Apart from its appearance and looks, also think about the purpose of the final piece. In other words, who is going to be handling it? Also, if your marketing material has to be mailed, how is it going to affect the postal costs and so on.   

Why should your business have a letterhead?

The top most part of your business letter is the company letterhead itself and you should have a letterhead, no matter what business you have. That is why it should be treated as a means of dressing up your company. Down below, we have listed some of the reasons why you should make your letterhead of good quality, and these include- 

  • To make a good first impression
  • To look professional
  • To reinforce your company image
  • To serve as a marketing strategy


In any business, Letterhead is considered to be one of the most important printing collaterals. Moreover, it is more than just a means of correspondence, it is a physical representation of your company. You always choose the best for yourself, likewise, the marketing material that you choose for your company or business should also be the best in terms of quality, design, and printing.