In this digital world, premium business stationery is like a perfect scenario. Massive, vivid, and a tactile treat, here is everything you would need to start crafting a business stationery to take pride in.

An aberrant idea, any format or size can make an appearance in the concept of formulating a range of stationery with the aim to achieve attention and recognition in the field of business stationery. 

The expense of Printing and stationery includes the cost of stationery items which are used daily in offices and the printed material for various purposes.

If the business stationery is designed and developed properly , there would not be any reason why individual ideas could not make a bold and fresh approach. If you feel unsure about your idea, it is better to take an ideal disciplined approach and take on the standard size of the industry. However, and poorly executed idea can be over complex sometimes and of course, it can get expensive.

Whatever the use-case for your letterhead, there’s no doubt that it takes your message to a higher level than an everyday channel like email, and that it’s worth spending a little time and effort making something that’s worthy of your brand.

With regard to the format and sizing, you should also consider the intended final use of the stationery. For instance, if you are looking for a business card to be retained by your client, always make sure it is not oversized otherwise it won’t fit in a wallet or holder. If you are going to use the square format over a traditional rectangle shape, it can be effective, but make sure it does not reduce the space for your content.

What is Stationery Design?

Stationery is basically a material that is needed for written and print communications, especially in businesses, companies, and organizations. Stationery design refers to the application of custom graphic art to the items as part of a branding strategy.

Sparshmedia has an online design platform, keeping in mind about the non-designer. We have a user-friendly interface that is as intuitive as easy to use and it is packed with stock media resources and templates for every occasion including business stationery items.

Stationery Printing Color Systems

The first impression of any print is decided by its color only. But in some cases, even the lack of colors can be a bold statement. This is the reason you should put you time and thought into how you want colors to

There are two “color systems” in stationery printing and having an understanding about both will help you in making a choice.

If we talk about the cost of printing in the old days, it was of course cheaper to print stationery in 1 or 2 colors chosen from the Pantone system, but printing in full color was always a more expensive option.

If in case you require an exact matching, you should discuss the use of a Pantone color with the printer as an option instead.
Pantone colors can be specified in addition to using a 4-colour process.
It is considered effective to use full color in your design from the outset so you have the option to reproduce photographic imagery or complex blends of color.
A Pantone number in mind as a benchmark can be a good starting point. Anyway, later it can be converted into CMYK to make it suitable for 4-color process printing.
Another more cost effective option is maybe to consider the use of digital print to obtain a close Pantone match.